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"Passionate Love"

What it means:

passionate love is "a state of intense longing for union with another."

People in this state of love tend to experience very powerful feelings for each other. They need to be near the other person & may think about the other person constantly.

In addition to being strongly attracted to the other person, people in passionate love try to maintain close physical proximity and in this case, they are so close to each other that they have formed into one unique, passionate sculpture ❤

What it's made of:

I started with my usual armature, covered with Paverwraps and Paverpol then made a thick paste which consisted of Grey Paverpol, Black Paversand and Art Stone. The result was a dark, textured sculpture that feels like stone.

I highlighted it with metallic purples,golds and greens which give it an almost Amethyst type look.

Again, the photos do not do these pieces justice.

Passionate Love