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Just like the other products, Paverpol Sculpting Medium is an environmentally-friendly textile hardener, offering you endless possibilities to shape your creativity. Developed by Dutch artists, it is a user friendly replacement for resin. Paverpol dries quickly, but slowly enough to allow for plenty of open working time. It adheres to almost all materials (except plastic) and unlike most hardeners, it doesn’t deteriorate polystyrene foam. Despite this, it easily washes off your hands and tools with warm water. Best of all, it is the first product of its kind to have earned the AP seal, which means it’s suitable for artists of all ages!Finished projects become hardened with no additional products required. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, though for outdoor use we recommend a coat of outdoor varnish. Varnish is especially recommended if your piece is painted with acrylic paints or will be in a high-humidity area. This will keep your piece beautiful and help you avoid mildew and decay.


Transparent when dry, is invisible so it can be used with all of your favourite coloured fabrics!


Available in Sizes

500g - $28.55

1000g - $43.30

5000g - $233.25

Paverpol - Transparent | $28.55 - $43.30 - $233.2

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